The Kress family started its investments in Paraguay in 1978 by initially acquiring 1.500 hectares of land for agricultural projects. This fact set the basis for the arrival of foreigner investors to our country.


Mr. Heinfried Kress, the Group’s leader was a man of a very big vision. That is why the profits obtained from agricultural activities were totally reinvested in the country by acquiring more land, diversifying the projects with the grow of citric plants and taking advantage of the characteristic, rich soil in northern Itapúa.


Later on, the Group started its activities in areas such as grain storing, commercialization of agricultural inputs and seeds, and industrial activities. Due to his contribution in both, economic and social aspects, Mr. Heinfried Kress became the main promoter of the development of this region.


Because of his vision, his entrepreneurial activities, his work, his management and the development reached, Mr. Kress was granted the 1996 Business man of the Year Prize by the Association of Christian Businessmen (ADEC).


When our Director, Heinfried Kress, died in a tragic accident in 1998, Mrs. Beate Kress, his wife, became the head of the Group. By that time, the details in the construction of the juice factory were very advanced.

Characterized by a high leadership spirit and based on the same vision of her husband and the trust in the country, Mrs. Kress decided to continue with all the productive, commercial and industrial activities. Thus, she made many important decisions related to the following items:

  • Increase of the firm’s productive investment.
  • Reactivation of the industrial activity.
  • Positioning of the “FRUTIKA” brand in the national market. Recruitment of qualified professionals in the different areas. Personal supervision of all the commercial and economic activities. Important social investment for the community’s welfare.

Because of her decisions and the subsequent development of the Kress Group and its contribution to the social welfare, Mrs. Beate Kress was granted the 2003 Businesswoman of the Year Prize by the Association of Christian Businessmen (ADEC).


Since 2008 Cristina, daughter of Beate and Heinfried Kress, is leading the Company as CEO together with her mother Beate as President. Today, due to the commitment and effort of all the members of the Kress Group, the firm has become a national model of business in the several areas where it stands out.


Since its foundation in 1978 the Kress Group lives constant growth and today employs more than 600 Paraguayan people, and contributes to the image of our country abroad through the excellent quality of its products.