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It is a project of encounters between the desire for education in our country and the subjects of training, in which the Educational Institution mediates.

A Dream…


What is this about?

The love of South American nature, a purpose, a vision and the foundation of a colony gave birth to the Heinfried Wolfgang Kress Elementary School in 1991. At that time, contributing both economically and socially, Heinfried W. Kress was the primary promoter of growth for the area and the founder of our school until his death on May 9, 1998.

25 years after its foundation, the school took on new challenges under the Institutional Educational Project “Crecer 2020” (“Growth 2020”) which aims for the establishment of one grade per year until the start of Secondary Education, with a Technical Industrial Baccalaureate in Mechatronics.

In the last two and a half years, the school accomplished the following:

  • It opened the Heinfried Wolfgang Kress Library, which is a light of knowledge from Kressburg to the entire district of Carlos Antonio López.
  • It implemented new teaching methods in order to raise academic performance and increase competences.
  • From first to 8th grade it teaches: English, Dance, Computer Science, Physical Education and now Robotics.
  • Incorporates the German language into the curriculum from 3rd grade on, aiming to develop international competences.
  • It started the Academy of Dance, Kressdance and Robotics Dance, both open to the community, and has been in development for 2 years, based on a STEM approach (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics).
  • Students obtained national prizes in various challenges and competitions: First place in story writing, with the MAPFRE Foundation; third place in the OMAPA finals.
  • Competed in: National Robotics League of Reeduca, Kangaroo Olympics, National Mathematics Olympics and the Engineering Olympics (held by Buenos Aires, Argentina), and Matific Games. In Robotics, the Frutitech team obtained the Excellence Award in the High School category, which gave it a pass to the Robotics World Cup, held in April 2018 by NASA in Kentucky, USA. The team achieved a very good representation, being the only ones of the department Itapúa.
  • Currently, the institution also participates in the Fundación Paraguaya’s Entrepreneurial School Competition, with a micro company producing quail eggs.
  • The school also teaches its students how to work in the garden and on the farm with a productive and entrepreneurial vision.
  • This year there are 3 levels: Beginner Level: from Kindergarten to Preschool. Basic School Education: from 1st to 9th grade. Middle Education: for Young People and Adults, in the night hours. At present, 180 students attend these levels.
  • By the year 2020, the institution will have a College, enabling the Technical Industrial Baccalaureate in Mechatronics—the only one in the Department of Itapúa. Mechatronics includes Computer Science, Mechanical Robotics, Electricity and Electronics. This is intended to provide a secure work opportunity for graduates, support current and future agriculture and alleviate the technical needs of the country’s industry.
  • It works in three building blocks: one for Initial Level and computer science, another one for 1st to 6th grade. A brand-new three-story building was built to provide the proposed education. It includes the first library open to the entire community, recycled shelves, offices, teachers’ room, 6 thematic classrooms, equipped laboratories: Natural Sciences, Computer Science and Robotics; another one for Mechatronics (awaiting technical equipment). It also has a Learning Laboratory, a kitchen and a multi-purpose room. Regarding inclusion, the building has separate bathrooms for the disabled, as well as ramps with access to all levels and handicapped accessible doors. A significant amount of the furniture is made of recycled Tetra Pak boxes. The buildings are designed and constructed in harmony with the environment, respecting the conservation of existing trees and using isopanels as walls, which conserve temperature and reduce electricity consumption and the propagation of sound to and from the outside.

“Science, Technology and Wisdom to thrive together.”


“A Harmonic Co-existence with Nature.”


We strive to be an educational institution with national recognition for the integrity of its educational offerings, focused on the development of competencies that meet high standards of quality, through pedagogical processes that recognize the individuality of the student and encourage learning in and out of classrooms and serving the public; supported by an educational community committed to institutional improvement and that of its environment.

Our mission is to form a respectful, responsible, competent student community with sufficient knowledge to never stop learning, that enables them to bring and lead positive change to themselves and their communities. Together, we are driven by one motto: “Science, technology and wisdom to thrive together”.

This is who we are.

Gilda Sandiano
Gilda SandianoPrincipal
“My opinion: This school has given me the opportunity to dream seriously about education. To see that children and adolescents living in the countryside are having the same possibilities as those in the city fills me with satisfaction and joy! The challenge is very demanding. At this stage we lay many foundations, commit to the education of children, young people and adults, and even their professional development. Can you help us accomplish that?”
“This is an exemplary school. It is an early beginning, because of its construction (which is a dream come that became reality), the teaching method, which is much better than before; for example, in English, with smartclass technology it is easier to learn, and hopefully it can be extended to all other classes and subjects. We are privileged students because before, we did not see a future in our village, while now we know that we are preparing for two things: to stay and work here, helping this population to grow with excellence and, on the other hand, to exchange experiences and knowledge with institutions from other parts of the world!”


Thanks to this endeavor, many children and young people in the rural area, including adults, can have an opportunity for growth, which previously was unthinkable for their community. They have the same rights on education as those in big cities. Don’t you think so?

For $400, a child can go to school for a year.

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