Frutika started its industrial activities on March 15th 1997, being its main activity the industrialization of fruit juice in Tetra Pak packaging as well as the preparation of concentrated juice of orange, grapefruit, lemon, guava, peach, tangerine, mburucuya (passion fruit), mango, essential oils and dehydrated citric peels in order to have an integral use of the fruit.


Ali the production is made under strict standards of quality and hygiene and the firm holds international certifications such as: SGF/IRMA, SGS/HACCP, IMO Organic Certification and KOSHER Certificate. Soon we will also be working with the ISO Certifications. These certifications make possible the export of our products in very demanding markets in Germany, Belgium, The Netherlands, England, Spain, the US, South Korea and Israel.


To assure a constant fruit delivery Frutika has signed an agreement many years ago with the german GTZ (now GIZ), known as PPP Projects (Public-Private Partnership ). This Project started wit 200 families of little farmers and has grown to 4,000 families today thanks to similar agreements with national and international institutions along the years.


The company offers technical assistance to its farmers, like for example in soil tillage, production care, harvesting technics and transport to the industrial plant in the best quality conditions besides the advantage of cash payment after delivery of the fruits at the plant.

The industrial plant has an installed technical capacity of processing 300 MT/day of fresh citrus and 50 MT/day of non citrus like mango, peach, maracuja, guava, etc.


Frutika buys yearly 40.000 MT of fruits from 4.000 little farmers in Paraguay from which we produce 2.500 MT concentrate per year.


The company has a cold storage of -18ºC/-38ºF for 800 MT concentrate and a normal temperature storage for 500 MT aseptic concentrates packed in drums of 265Kg


The daily Tetra Pak filling capacity is 170.000 litres of packed juices/nectars/beverage and 70 MT tomato extract. Together we have the current possibility to produce 180.000.000 Tetra Pak units per Year.


Frutika’s Industrial Plant, has a dimension of 4,000 m2; it was designed to house up to 4 production lines in the future. With an innovative building, its roof and walls were entirely constructed with thermal panels -galvanized sheets with electrochemical paint and polyurethane core-, which ensure thermal and sound insulation, and optimize energy consumption for better temperature control in offices and work operators’ areas.


This base structure is also called the “Industrial building “. This was developed by a total investment of US $ 4,000,000. Nowadays, its interior has a “Production Line” with a nominal filling capacity of 9,000 bottles / hour, in presentations of 500, 1,000 and 2,250 ml (or: ½, 1 and 2.25 liter). And soon in other presentations.

Inside, the “Industrial building” is in compliance with all “Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP)” and “Industrial Security” regulations, with a commitment to care and respect for the environment. The structure has positive pressure in all production areas such as: CIP Area (automatic cleaning system) Syrup Preparation, Bottle Blowing, Filling, and areas of dry process such as: Labeling and Packaging. These areas represent a total investment of US $ 1,200,000.


The “Industrial building” also has a Quality Assurance Laboratory, equipped with cutting-edge technological equipment for the determination of physico-chemical and microbiological sensory analysis, with an estimated investment of US $ 200,000.


There is also a Raw Materials and Supplies Deposit, a Storage room for Finished Products, as well as an Engine and Maintenance Room. Additionaly, the “Industrial building”  has Administrative Offices, a Meeting Room, Image Gallery, Counter-samples Room, Customs or sanitary filters, Dining room, Garment and bathrooms.