Commercial Silo

This silo was established for the reception and processing of the crops coming from the Agricultural Settlement and the zones producers.


The infrastructure of this silo has a static storage capacity of 40.000 TM and a 1.600 MT daily drying capacity at 28% humidity.


The company started the production of seeds in order to have seeds with a high power of germination (80-90%), good genetics and quality. AII this meant important investments in new equipment to classify and keep the quality of the seed like a coolseed system.


Currently, the Company has the capacity to produce 100.000 40kg bags or 4.000 big bags of soybean and wheat seed far the selling to Estancia Beate or other clients as “Semillas Kress”. lt has a laboratory for quality control and has signed agreements with important international companies, such as NIDERA, Relmó and others, in order to work for the multiplication of materials.

Kimex main activity is the processing and storage of the produced grains and seeds of Estancia Beate.


On the other side Kimex is the responsible for the Administrative Staff of the Kress Group and has also the service area for the other Kress Companies like the Fuelfilling Station, the Supermarket for the employees and the fruit packing house.