Concentrated Juices

Frutika produces Concentrated Frozen Juices of Fresh Fruits without artificial coloring nor preservatives. Frutika buys 80% of its fruits from approx. 4,000 little farmers around the country with high quality controlling standards.


The remaining quantity comes from the sister company Estancia Beate like for example the guava, peach, mandarin and lemon. In total Frutika buys around 40,000 MT of fruits per year that are bought in cash between March and December, assuring the consumers and clients in general the 100% natural origin of all our products, since the whole industrialization process, from the fruit until the final product is controlled and evaluated by the same company.

Frutika produces and exports Concentrated frozen Juices of high quality to clients in Europe and other markets. AII the products receive the international certifications of quality of SGS/HACCP, SGF of Germany and Kosher. Our little farmers that work in the organic production receive the IMO Bio Certification.


The concentrated Juices are stored in cold storage and they should be transported in refrigerated containers of 20 (70 drums/18 tons) or 40 (95 drums/25 tons) feet at -18ºC/-38°F.


Since 1998 our production of concentrate is successfully exported to Germany, Holland, Switzerland, England, Spain, USA, Israel, etc.

Essential oil and dehydrated Peel

Frutika produces all its essential oils with its fresh extracted fruit peel. These oils are used mostly in aromatherapy, as well as in industrial items of gastronomy and perfumery.


They are ingredients for the production of soaps, products of cleaning and deodorants in general. The total annual production of oils is around 40 MT, mostly orange and grapefruit in drums of 170kg.


The dehydrated peel is sold as an ingredient for milk cow food, beca use of its good response in the production of milk.

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